Authors are invited to submit a regular paper (10-20 pages) or a short paper (5-9 pages) in English. One author (co-author) might submit a maximum of two papers.

CITI uses CEUR-ART style (1 column) for the proceedings. Your submission should be prepared using Microsoft Word CEUR-ART Template. The authors in the paper should give meaningful affiliations, which include the author’s email and ORCID ( – see Footer (page 1).

All papers for participation in the workshop (in PDF format) should be submitted via easy chair system:

We solicit submission of the original paper, not previously published or submitted for publication elsewhere. Participation in the workshop is free of charge.

Author Agreement to Publish a Contribution as Open-Access on (just filled in by hand and good quality scanned) is necessary.

To reviewer feedbacks for preparing a camera-ready paper you MUST take into account the following acceptance criteria for the CEUR publications:

Paper Structure should generally include: Abstract; Keywords; Introduction; Related Works; Proposed methodology/model/technique; Results/Discussions; Conclusion; References.

The references list MUST NOT be very short or long without the need, the authors ARE OBLIGED to use the results of international research. Authors SHOULD NOT use references only to a narrow circle of authors from their educational institution or several institutions. Usually self-citation MUST NOT exceed 20%. References should be, mostly, modern, NOT OLDER than 5-8 years. One cascade (group) citation should consist of not more than 3 sources.

English MUST BE proofread.

The paper MUST follow the formatting rules. Please, pay your attention especially on font’s size and style used for paper title and section/subsection headers, figure and table captions. Please, double-check formatting style of the list of references.

All references should be presented in English and if it is strongly necessary – with notation (in Ukrainian), etc.

The quality of all figures should be very high for good reproduction during CEUR publication. All illustrative figures should be provided by caption signatures. All abbreviations should be preliminary explained. The size of the letters and numbers in the formulas and in the formulas’ fragments in the text should be the same.

The title of paper should be not very long (until 13 words including THE, IN, FOR, etc.) and should be exactly corresponded to the research results which are discussed in the paper. Please, avoid using same words in the title of paper twice.

The number of authors should not exceed 5 сo-authors.


Submitted papers will be peer-reviewed by two scholars on the basis of technical quality, relevance, originality, significance, and clarity. If necessary, a third, additional reviewer will be involved. The International Program Committee will use these reviews to determine which papers will be accepted for presentation at the workshop. The result of the reviewing will be announced to the submitting authors by email, along with reviewer comments, if any.

Accepted papers which will be presented at the workshop shall be submitted to for online publication.